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Carnage Fuzzwah

A part accurate recreation of a long forgotten fuzzwah with modern layout features for ease of assembly.


what you need to know and do

  1. Fill out the form. 

  2. I will respond within 24 hours with any further questions and a quote.

  3. Once the quote is approved, preliminary circuit layout will be submitted for final approval and inspection of circuit layout and schematic.

  4. Once approved, PCB will be ordered and prototype will be built by me to verify circuit works as intended. All parts for prototype will be billed at parts cost.

  5. Once circuit has been verified, prototype and first batch of boards will be sent to you. You will be provided with a file folder with Schematic, PCB Drill dimensions, and the files required to order any additional PCBs.

  6. If you wish to forgo the prototype build, there will be no guarantees on the PCB design.

  7. Raw CAD files are property of NTFX. They can be purchased at an additional cost.

  8. If you require an NDA, please let me know ahead of time.

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Thanks for choosing use to design your board.

a few more details

PCB layout from verified schematic

$25 per hour charge, 2hrs minimum. Most designs finished in 4 hours or less.


My goal is to offer affordable PCB circuit design solutions for the pedal industry, hobbyists and professionals alike. I will work closely with you to help design a PCB that is easy to assemble using efficient layout designs and industry standard low noise circuit procedures. It can be much more cost effective to purchase custom PCBs vs buying prefab designs or working on inconsistent media, such as veroboard or perfboard. Typical cost for printing your own pcbs is $.10-$1.00 each  at low volumes (5-20). Now matter your experience level I can help you with your project.