About US

     Based in sunny Southern California, inspired by the local music scene and nostalgia for the great tones of yore, Noise Therapy FX was born out of a need for an honest, well-built effects pedals that will both inspire and entertain without letting you down.  Hand crafted with the finest components, ultra-deep powder coat finishes, and a lifetime warranty, we've got something, no matter what ails you. Therapy for a lackluster tone.

     You won't find any boring design rehashes or misleading marketing here. At NTFX we won't build it if it isn't better or more interesting.   If you want a little green pedal or a mythical half-breed, you probably won't find it here (email the custom shop for interesting options), but if you are looking for inspiration or a different color for your musical palette, welcome.  

     Music is sometimes the only voice you have. Words can't always tell your story. At NTFX we understand this. Our genesis came out of dissatisfaction with the same old tools out there, and products that promise but don't deliver.  Our story is told through the artists that are inspired by our designs. Let us inspire you to do what you do best by doing what we do best.